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Inman News:
Why this brokerage enforces a productivity standard
1/20/2020 12:17 PM
At JP & Associates Realtors, a 100 percent commission brokerage, agents need to close eight transactions a year, according to the CEO of the company"s brokerage operations...Read More
How Dash Longe shredded his path from skiing to real estate
1/20/2020 10:36 AM
Professional skier Dash Longe shares his unique journey from globetrotting full-time skier to Park City luxury real estate agent...Read More
These were the most common real estate listing descriptions in 2019
1/20/2020 10:10 AM
"Home," "bedroom" and "bath" were obviously popular but so were some unexpected phrases...Read More
Keller Williams, Offerpad continue to expand iBuyer partnership
1/20/2020 9:47 AM
The joint iBuyer is now available to residents of Birmingham, Alabama, and Jacksonville, Florida...Read More
4 ways giving back helps you become a better agent
1/20/2020 4:44 AM
Volunteering has helped agent Marilyn Blume become a better businessperson by both honing and expanding her knowledge and skill set. In this column, she shares how she"s grown through her volunteering experiences...Read More
Qualia CEO Nate Baker talks tech disruption, iBuyer growth and ‘onerous’ housing regulations
1/20/2020 3:00 AM
Nate Baker, whose company produces software to streamline real estate transactions, thinks trends like iBuying will get bigger even as supply shortages continue to plague cities...Read More
Grow up! 20 unprofessional agent behaviors that need to stop
1/20/2020 2:52 AM
We all have days that make us want to drive into the country and shriek for as long as we feel like it in the privacy of our own cars. What makes it worse is when it’s other agents causing the frustration....Read More
ICNY 2020: What to see and do when you’re in New York
1/20/2020 2:07 AM
If you love exploring big cities, New York City is, as the Schuyler Sisters sing in the Broadway mega-hit "Hamilton," the greatest city in the world. Here are some suggestions for some extracurricular activities, outside of Inman Connect New York....Read More
What really affects brokerage profitability? An insider’s look with Wendy Forsythe
1/20/2020 2:01 AM
Profitability is a top concern facing brokerages in the next two years, according to NAR’s 2019 Profile of Real Estate Firms. Understandably so: Today’s broker is beset by a host of external factors putting downward pressure on their revenue, with very little opportunity to increase their company dollar and bottom line...Read More
The all-in-one solution vs. best-in-class: A head-to-head comparison
1/20/2020 2:01 AM
In a recent interview, Agent Image Co-founder and Managing Partner Jon Krabbe shared his insights on how agents today can build their digital presence. We also spoke about the need for today’s agent to shape a tech stack that meets their goals...Read More